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Welcome to UK STEM

The whole team at UK STEM believes passionately in affording opportunities to our younger generation. We see ourselves as a complimentary addition to a formal education setting, and we know our teaching colleagues are just as passionate about offering these opportunities as we are.

Our Story

UK STEM was born from humble beginnings; a one man band, who’s drive and determination to succeed in providing opportunities has brought us to the company that we are today.

All the staff that make up UK STEM bring with them their creativity, individual experiences, and above all, their passion for STEM education. This is not just a job to us: we eat, breathe and dream STEM education, and believe this is the strongest pathway to providing excellent career opportunities for our future generation, and enabling young people to make informed decisions about STEM careers and pathways.

Why Choose to Work at UK STEM?

“What makes me tick? The development of people through exciting, challenging, appropriate and engaging activities. This applies to both young and old and to those from all walks of life”

Mike, Director

“It’s chicken soup for my soul”

Caroline, Business Development and Partnership Manager

“I get to be a role model for females in engineering. Seeing the look on someone’s face when they realise they are are doing engineering – and enjoying it – is really rewarding”

Beckie, UKSTEM Associate

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Global STEM Awards

The Global STEM Awards have been developed by UKSTEM as a way of rewarding young people for their creativity and innovation in STEM subjects. We believe strongly in the power of STEM education: we also have a social enterprise arm called STEM Without Borders. This was set up so that the younger international generation also benefits from our programmes. Some of these we have delivered personally in countries such as Cambodia, providing disadvantaged students with further knowledge to enable them to choose a STEM career.

“What is the best outcome for me? Being in front of a learner who didn’t know how much they enjoyed science or maths or technology or engineering.”

Mike, Director