The Awards have been designed with Key Stages 2 and 3 in mind, but projects can be adapted to suit any Key Stage, with appropriate tasks and level of challenge.

A ‘context’ is a theme, such as health, or communication. There are 9 different contexts to choose from. For example, the context ‘entertainment’ could cover anything from Chinese shadow puppetry to a Brazilian carnival, or mechanical toys, or film and theatre. There are masses of different things you could choose from!

To support developing activities there are worksheets available on this website. STEM Learning, which is at, has lots of information about careers in STEM and further ideas on resources and activities.

Yes she can – it will be the Bronze, plus Silver and Gold.

We suggest about 6 hours per project – but we trust teachers to know when their students have put in enough work!

Drop us an email and we’ll give you feedback – with pleasure.

When you register, you’ll have access to online resources on this website. Or you can simply get in touch – we’re here to support.

There are plenty of ideas on this website. You can also try Tomorrows Engineers at and go to the Careers Resources and Activities tab. Or try and go to the Schools tab (under ‘Services’).

A Bronze certificate costs £15. Silver and Gold certificates are £5.50 each (excluding VAT). All include free P&P.

Absolutely! We want to encourage diversity of ideas – just get in touch if you’re not sure.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Email with any queries.