Global STEM Award Bitesize: Exploration

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NEW- Introducing Bitesize Bronze Global STEM Awards

The Global STEM Award scheme rewards children and young people for undertaking a series of investigative and problem solving projects that society is faced with today, across the world. Simply choose 2 of our ‘bitesize’ projects that you can complete at home with the help from your parents or carers, depending on your age, and then claim your bronze Global STEM Award! These projects are designed to be suitable and adaptable for ages 8 to 16 years.

There are two ‘bitesize’ projects available in each of our Global STEM Award Pathways to choose from and download:

  • Conservation (Polluting Plastics and Conservation Zones)
  • Explorer (Water Filtration and Living as an Explorer)
  • Aviation (tbc)
  • Crumble – Coding (tbc)

After completing 2 of these projects, you will need to submit (email) samples of your work including some photographs before we issue you with the award and send you your Bronze Global STEM Award certificate and badge.


Exploration Pathway: “Living as an Explorer” Sample






Exploration Pathway: “Water Filtration” Sample






Price: £22 (includes VAT/P&P)

Cost also includes first bitesize resource download, Bronze Award registration, certificate and badge (certificate and badge will be dispatched as soon as 2 projects are completed and submitted)

Price: £6 (includes VAT)

This is the cost if this is your 2nd download resource and you have already registered and purchased your first bitesize project and bronze award.

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