Global STEM Award Conservation Pathway




Sample Project: Nature Reserves at Sea (p1) Sample Project: Nature Reserves at Sea (p2)

The Global STEM Conservation Pathway will take you on a journey across continents, from Europe to the South American Neotropics – or to the furthest reaches of ice-bound Antarctica!

The resources in this handbook will:

  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of marine and land ecosystems
  • Introduce you to the way human activities affect the natural environment
  • Help you explore challenging topics such as Marine Conservation Zones, Acoustic Pollution and Habitat Fragmentation
  • Encourage you to think critically about the role of STEM in conservation and inspire you to learn about exciting, real-world STEM professions.

Integral to the primary technology and computer science curricula and written by a dedicated team of professionals with knowledge across the key STEM areas of science, technology, engineering and maths, the Global STEM Award series of handbook is essential reading for students, teachers and parents who wish to support their young learners in achieving a Global STEM Award.

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