At UK STEM we are proud to bring in team members from different creative backgrounds. By bringing together a wide range of expertise into STEM innovation, the STEM Partners can manage significant education development projects and achieve levels of engagement that hasn’t previously been explored in STEM Activities.

Mike Cargill


“What makes me tick? The development of people through exciting, challenging, appropriate and engaging activities. This applies to both young and old and to those from all walks of life”

Following a degree in Civil Engineering and 10 years in construction management I turned to teaching Design Technology with a PGCE from St Luke’s College, University of Exeter. Teaching in 2 Isle of Wight schools led to the role of Assistant Head at South Hunsley in East Yorkshire. As assistant head I developed the then specialism of Technology and Engineering before moving to the Humberside Engineering Training Association to manage regional STEM projects including STEM Ambassadors, GreenSTEM for the Future, SMartFutures and Champions for Wind. As a teacher I was a Gatsby Teacher Fellow, SSAT Lead Practitioner, Edexcel and OCR Moderator at Levels 2 and 3 and the common thread through all these was the passion that underpinned my support of young people in finding out what how exciting their future careers could be.

In 2015 I set up UKSTEM Ltd to continue the STEM work. Now in its seventh year with a growing turnover and project base I launched the Global STEM Award, a new programme to motivate and reward learners in finding out about their future through STEM activities. Reception to the award has been fantastic with partners: University of Wolverhampton, Denford, Children’s University, Mindsets (UK) Ltd, Big Bang and the University of Hull Sparkfund.

International training work has been carried in Dubai, UAE (JSS International) in Wuhan, China with both teacher training and resource provision to China and UK based STEM camps for Chinese students, Lead STEM Conference delivery in Azerbaijan.

More recently I completed an MSc in Computer Science through University of Hull. Through my research I understood how teachers learn to code – an innovative project to enhance the teaching of coding for both pupils and teachers.

Ali Cargill


“I’m proud to be a director of UK STEM Ltd; at its heart, the company rightly has a belief in the connectivity between learning/education and career pathways, and a commitment to helping young people access those pathways.”

Ali’s first degree with Exeter University was in English with Drama and Education, and she went on to earn a master’s degree with Distinction in Creative Writing. She has previously published a novel for young adults and a study guide on ecocritical theory, and has written online and print A-level resources for the education resource provider, York Notes. She has also worked with a brain-injured client to assist him in writing his memoir.

Ali is now in her third year as doctoral researcher in creative writing with the University of Hull; her thesis explores the dynamic potential in both created and remembered fiction to articulate the pain of grief. Her work is underpinned by  postmodernism, feminism and the Gothic. Ali also has research interests in women’s contemporary nature writing.

Sally Richardson

STEM Associate leading on Global STEM Award and International Links

“It’s great to inspire and to see when young people make that connection between fun STEM activities and the development of key skills and possible future career pathways”

Sally is an experienced and qualified Careers Advisor and Careers Leader and has worked with children and young people within schools for over 20 years.  She has always had a passion and interest in STEM learning, enjoying the opportunity to promote the essential skills that young people develop in participating in STEM activities as well as the vast range of STEM Career pathways. Sally’s experience extends to promoting STEM activities internationally, with experience working with young people and professionals from China, Germany, Denmark, Japan, and Cambodia.

Sally currently leads on the management of the Global STEM Awards on behalf of UK STEM Ltd and is very proud to work alongside an enthusiastic team of STEM Ambassadors at UK STEM Ltd.

Beckie Cargill

Education Resource Manager

“I get to be a role model for females in engineering. Seeing the look on someone’s face when they realise they are are doing engineering – and enjoying it – is really rewarding”

Beckie graduated from the University of Hull in 2020 with a first-class BA in Criminology with Forensics. During her time there, she was awarded ‘Best Finalist in Criminology 2020’ and three academic performance awards in the following modules: Understanding and Interpreting Qualitative Data Analysis; Learning Together: Desistance from Crime; Sex Work, Policy and Crime. In addition, her dissertation was published on the Student Research Journal for Criminology and Sociology at Hull.

In 2021, Beckie completed a PGCert at the University of Manchester in a PGCE Primary with Maths. Although choosing not to go into the classroom to teach, she continues to be passionate about education (in particular maths and computer sciences). The values she brings into her work at UKSTEM reflect her belief that education should be accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

Beckie is now partway through an MA in Applied Criminology at Manchester Metropolitan University, where she hopes to look at the impact that education could have on some of the more vulnerable groups in society.

Chloe Cargill

UKSTEM Educational Resources Developer and Conservation Advisory

“I believe that I have the ability to play an active part in defining the manner in which the UK progresses towards a sustainable future. I find it imperative that such progress is fully informed, cooperative and takes all necessary action towards mitigating human-wildlife conflict.”

Chloe is an early-career researcher and ornithologist primarily concerned with the conservation of coastal and pelagic taxa. Chloe is currently studying towards a PhD in Biological Sciences at the University of Aberdeen, conducting a research project with the aim of understanding how colonies of kittiwakes (a species of gull) are interconnected around the UK coastline and across the North Sea. The results of this research will have a direct impact on policy laying the foundations for the UK to become a world leader in green energy production.

Chloe holds an Honours degree in Conservation Biology and Ecology, which she recently supplemented with a Master’s degree in Marine Ecosystem Management. Prior to her present position, she consolidated her fieldwork and analytical skills by working with charitable organisations and non-governmental bodies, covering a range of species including penguins, shearwaters, and dotterels. Chloe continues to work remotely with a small team of landowners, ornithologists and geologists concerned with preserving the remaining breeding colonies of Hutton’s shearwater in New Zealand.

Chloe strongly believes in the importance of communicating primary research effectively through public engagement and education, particularly that which empowers young people. It is these values that she channels into her work for UKSTEM whilst developing the Global STEM Award and assisting with outreach sessions.